List of Unix and Linux Certifications

Red Hat

Red Hat creates with the Linux certification path, a lot for the whole industry and also creates new visions for other technologies.

To become a Red Hat certified you need to pass a lab for each level. No tests, no questions, only pure Linux.

Red Hat has in the portfolio 6 Linux certifications based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


LPI has created a set of Linux certifications based on many distributions.

LPI is a neutral company, so the LPI Linux certifications verify knowledge on any standard Linux distribution like Red Hat, Debian and Mandriva.

LPI has in the portfolio 4 Linux certifications.


Novell is a legend in the industry. Now, Novell provides a set of Linux certifications. These certifications are based on SUSE Linux distribution.
Novell has in the portfolio 4 Linux certifications for administrators.

  • Novell Certified Linux Engineer
  • Certified Linux Administrator
  • Certified Linux Desktop Administrator
  • Novell Certified Linux Professional


Oracle has created a distribution of Linux, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and also new Linux certifications.
After acquiring SUN with Solaris operating system, Oracle started Oracle Certified Associate, Professional and Master paths for the Solaris system.
Oracle has in the portfolio 8 certifications for Linux and Solaris.


IBM has the more than 200 certifications.

They created a set of certifications for an associate level and also few certifications for more advanced subjects.

We can find UNIX certifications for HA and virtualization topics.
IBM has in the portfolio 5 specialized Unix certifications for AIX.

  • IBM Certified Systems Expert – Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux
  • IBM CSE – Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux
  • IBM CSE – High Availability for AIX Technical Support and Administration
  • IBM Certified Operator – AIX Basic Operations
  • IBM Certified System Administrator – AIX


HP has in the offer many certifications, but only few that concentrate on an operating system. HP-UX is a well-known UNIX-based OS, that is use mainly with HP standalone servers and blades.

HP has in the portfolio 4 specialized Unix certifications for HP-UX.

  • CSA – HP-UX
  • CSE – Specialty in High Availability – HP-UX
  • CSE – Specialty in Networking and Security – HP-UX
  • CSE – Specialty in Virtualization – HP-UX


The BSD Certification Group Inc. has created certifications based on the BSD operating system.
The BSD Certification Group has in the portfolio 2 UNIX certifications.


CompTIA has started cooperation with LPI to provide the best user experience for an entry-level Linux certification.

  • CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI


GIAC has created many great security certifications.

In the portfolio has also one certification for administrators and security experts who work with Linux and UNIX-based operating systems.

GIAC presents one certification and everyone who really thinks about work with Linux and UNIX-based systems, should also think about improving the security skills.